Archivos diarios: 11/08/2012

My First Ubuntu Developer Summit UDS-R

I had the chance to be part of this Ubuntu Developer Summit UDS-R, it was my first UDS and I was really excited about the idea of meet a lot of people, especially the LoCo Council and Mark. 😀

But socialize was not the only thing I did, I had time to talk about community especially with Daniel Holbach and Chris Crisafully, and I saw how some projects are working, besides a lot of news: Steam, Nexus7, Android, Community even more!

¿What was the most impressive thing of the UDS for me?

I think, it was the possibility of working with people from all the world in person, meet different cultures, see different points of view and share the conclusions… It is the most powerful tool of Ubuntu in action: The Community

You can see my photo gallery about the UDS here, special thanks to Chris Crisafully for some photos 🙂