How to Get New Members in Our Local Communities?

Some time ago I heard a friend of mine say: “The problem is that currently our communities have few members” … and it’s something I’ve had the opportunity to see from the loco-council.

The main reason I’ve seen, is that the current members of a community we are becoming “old”, this means more responsibilities and more things to do (like the family, master studies and anything else), besides in some communities to link new members is almost null or learning new things, because of the new people feel alone. So if they going to participate in the community it is a little hard, but if you have the proper accompaniment from the older members the things are easier.

So let’s start!


Where can we find new members for our community?

From my point of view there is not a specific place! the only thing you need is to build together an event, like: ubuntu-hour, release-party, install-fests or anything! always with pizza and drinks… it might be in your own home 😀

But if your local community has access to places such as schools and universities, go on and take it! 😀 there is not a better place where to find new members!


Spreading of the Event?

The spread is always more attractive when trying to invite new people, because usually people do not respond well to new things, but a good publicity and creative diffusion can do that curiosity motivates many people to attend.

But remember, spreading is not only twitter or Facebook… you can use posters and put them on the walls of the universities/colleges and more another fun things.


Is there any age limit for new members?

I would say no, the important thing is the desire to learn and participate. The young members of our community will be leaders in the future!


And how these new members will be trained?

Well, I would say that there are good initiatives like Ubuntu-Beginners-Team but only if you community speak English, as I said above would be more productive to teach these new members with activities such as the Global-Jam, more technical things!.

And if we have the opportunity to create other spaces, as do installations or together to learn / teach new things to our community, go ahead! there is nothing better than a healthy knowledge feedback. 🙂

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