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Creating Launchpad group maps

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I’m part of a neat couple of launchpadgroups, in the past I’ve seen some contribution maps in open source projects, and I though it would be cool to have some of those for lp groups. What follows is the process for creating static (google) maps for your launchpad group.



You’ll need a marker (those ubuntu icons in the map), the featured one is in png 24px × 32px format

Google Account

A google account is required, data will be saved in a Fusion table

Web Hosting

You’ll need web hosting if you want your map going online, otherwise, this process can be replicated locally (for taking screenshots?)

Map capabilities are possible due to launchpad supporting Time Zone through its API, it’s not quite exact but it’s better that nothing (if you know a better place from grabbing localization data please let me know).

I first grab…

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