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Playing World Of Warcraft with Ubuntu

This week I had the chance to play World Of Warcraft  (wow) Mist of Pandarian, I have played it before but the performance was not the best or I had to do a lot of things to get a good configuration and performance.

So when the new expansion arrived, I was prepared to work a lot for trying to configure wine, winetricks, (file of wow) and even more… but my big surprise when I only have to change the video support to OpenGL and a small configuration in Wine and thats all!!!


WoW running on Ubuntu 12.04


If you have the game in your computer, just move the game folder to your Ubuntu partition (/home/YourUser/wow). Once here you have to edit the file called “”, adding the line:

SET gxApi “opengl”

About Wine the only tip that I can share is: change the configuration to work emulating win7… and thats all! now you are ready to play without any problem!  by the way: I have better performance than using win7 as operative system. 😀


Ready to Play!


You can find more information about install wow on ubuntu in the following links: